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A common deficiency we often run across is oversized breakers on HVAC units. The oversized breakers are usually found on older homes that have had the HVAC units replaced. The HVAC technicians replace the old units to newer more efficient ones, but they are not electricians and will not replace the circuit breakers in the main electric panel.

How are we able to tell if this is oversized? We look at the manufactures data plate on the HVAC units and then compare the information provided to what we are seeing in the main electric panel.

“It has been this way for years and never had an issue!”.. is a statement that can often be heard from sellers/homeowners after we call this out!

So WHY do we call it out?

Breakers and fuses are designed to be the weakest parts of the circuitry. It is their feature.

They are designed to fail safely. Fuses burn literally, breakers safely discontinue the circuit.

If they are oversized, they may not be the weakest points anymore. In case of failure they won't be the first to burn - it may be the condensing unit itself or, even worse, it may be a conductor in the wall.

In that situation, instead of an annoying tripped breaker, you have lost your expensive condensing unit, or you have set your house on fire.


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